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Change of name and/or surname

You can request recognition of the change of name and/or surname by following these simple steps:

STEP 1 – Preparation of documents

Collect the following documents:

  • Motivated request for recognition of the change or modification of one’s name and/or surname addressed to the competent Prefect in Italy;
  • Declaration of notary deed to confirm the non-existence of pending charges in Italy and the compliance of the procedure with local laws;
  • Declaration of consent of any interested parties such as parents, spouses and adult children, accompanied by a photocopy of their identity document (only in the case of change or modification of the surname);
  • Copy of your Italian passport;
  • Copy of your Israeli passport or “teudat zeut”;
  • Original certificate of change of name and/or surname (in Hebrew “Teuda Ameida al Shenui Shem”) with Apostille from the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs (for more information on how to obtain an Apostille click here);
  • Translation into Italian of the certificate of change of name and/or surname.

STEP 2 – Verification of documents and sending to Italy

Verify personally with our Consulate staff that the above documents are complete by requesting an appointment at The day of the appointment you will pay a fee for the consular stamp (see “Consular services” page). After that, the Consulate will send the application to the competent Prefecture in Italy.

STEP 3 – Appointment for the posting of the “Request for change of name or surname”

Once the authorization to post the change of name and/or surname has been received from the competent Prefecture, the Consulate will contact you to make an appointment to fill in and sign a “Request for change of name or surname” and pay a consular stamp. The Consulate will then proceed to post the Request to the Consular Register to allow for any objections. The posting will last for thirty days.

STEP 4 – Issue of the “Authorization Decree”

At the end of the 30 days, you will receive from the Consulate the original of the “Decree authorizing the change or modification of the name or surname”, stamped with a new consular stamp (see “Consular services” page). The Decree must be sent to your Municipality in Italy for the annotation of the change of name and/or surname on all certificates of civil status.



The Consulate General will be able to issue any documents with the new name only after receiving the above mentioned annotation from the Municipality.


Information on the protection of personal data

Please read the information on the protection of personal data regarding consular services, pursuant to the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679:

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