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Registry of Italians residing abroad (AIRE)

The Registry of Italians Residing Abroad (A.I.R.E.) was established by law of 27 October 1988, no. 470 and contains the data of Italian citizens residing abroad for a period of more than twelve months. It is managed by the municipalities on the basis of data and information from consular offices abroad.

A.I.R.E. registration it is a citizen’s right and duty (Article 6 of Law 470/1988) and is a requirement for using the services provided by Consular Offices.

For more detailed information please check:

– A.I.R.E. – Register of Italians Resident Abroad

How to register with the AIRE

-Changes in AIRE registration data

– Changing the Italian Comune of AIRE

The Register of Italians Residing Abroad (A.I.R.E.)

A.I.R.E. was established by law of 27 October 1988, no. 470 and contains the data of Italian citizens residing abroad for a period of more than twelve months. It is managed by the municipalities on the basis of data and information from consular offices abroad.

A.I.R.E. registration it is a citizen’s right and duty (Article 6 of Law 470/1988) and is a requirement for using the services provided by Consular Offices, as well as for the exercise of important rights, such as:

the possibility of voting for political elections and referendums by correspondence in the country of residence, and for the election of the Italian representatives to the European Parliament in the seats established by the diplomatic-consular network in EU countries; the possibility of obtaining the release of passports, as well as certifications; the possibility of renewing the driving license (only in non-EU countries etc..

The enrollment in the A.I.R.E. IS compulsory for:

citizens who transfer their residence abroad for periods exceeding 12 months; those who already reside there, both because they were born abroad and for subsequent acquisition of Italian citizenship for any reason.

The enrollment in the A.I.R.E. IS NOT compulsory for:

people who go abroad for a period of time less than one year; seasonal workers; permanent employees of the State serving abroad, who are notified under the Vienna Conventions on diplomatic relations and consular relations of 1961 and 1963 respectively; the Italian soldiers serving at NATO offices and facilities located abroad.

PLEASE NOTE: Italian citizens who are temporarily in Jerusalem or Palestine are required to notify their presence to the Consulate General of Italy according to the instructions available on the following page.

How to register with the AIRE

Application for registration with the AIRE can be made (by an individual Italian citizen and family members) through the Italian Consulate in the country of residence. The Italian municipality is also to provide for registration in its AIRE when it is made aware of the fact that the citizen has established residency abroad. Likewise, the Italian Consulate where that Italian citizen has taken up residency is to request the Italian municipality to register the citizen — for whom it has verified permanent residency abroad (e.g. with the issuance of a passport) — in the AIRE.

Registration takes place through the Fast It portal. Once registered, you can request registration with AIRE, following the guided procedure.

Legislative Decree no. 198 of 29 December 2022 further extended to 31 December 2023 the deadline for accessing the “Fast It” consular services portal also with simple credentials, other than SPID (Public Digital Identity System) 

Those who registered before that date will be able to continue to use their login credentials until March 31, 2024.

Enrolment can also take place on the basis of information of which consular office is made aware.

IMPORTANT: the registration in AIRE for children under age must be signed by both the parents 

Registration with AIRE can, therefore, be done in the absence of any direct initiative on the part of the citizen concerned, who will, however, be notified of the fact by means of an administrative act of the municipality, which will be communicated, in turn, through the Italian Consulate where he/she resides.
Persons wishing to request registration with the AIRE of an Italian municipality should do so at the Italian Consulate in the place where they reside abroad, where they will have to show the following documents:

– valid Italian passport;

– proof of stable and legal residence abroad;

Changes in AIRE registration data

The Italian citizen is obliged to notify his/her municipality of origin of any and all changes in registration data (marital status, citizenship, address, family composition, residency). The Italian municipality automatically incorporates changes in data if these take place inside of Italy, but if the citizen resides abroad the Italian municipality can only be made aware of changes by that Italian citizen and through the Italian Consulate where he/she is living.
Italian citizens living outside of Italy are obliged, therefore, to notify their local Italian Consulate of any change regarding:

– address abroad;

– citizenship;

– marital status;

– composition of nuclear family;

– name change.

Notifying the Consulate of changes regarding registration data, in addition to being a citizen’s duty, allows the Italian Consulates to maintain updated records regarding their citizens residing abroad, thus facilitating both the distribution of all services requested in Italy and abroad, as well as communication between the Consulates and Italian citizens living within their jurisdiction.

PLEASE NOTE – Certificates confirming the registraion in AIRE can be issued only by the Municipality in Italy. To obtain the certificate it is necessary to request the certificate in Italy.

The Fast It  Portal

The new APP “mAPPamondo consolare” of the Ministry of foreign Affairs for Consular Services. Per dispositivi mobili, Apple Store (per i dispositivi iOS, al link e Google Play Store (per i dispositivi Android, al link ed
è scaricabile gratuitamente dagli utenti.

Changing the Italian Municipality of AIRE

It is possible for an Italian citizen to change the Municipality where he/she is registered in AIRE by written request, only if:

the citizen has a spouse and/or children eit,her registered in the AIRE of that Comune OR
the citizen has a spouse and/or children who are residents in Italy in that Comune.

Other reasons for changing the Municipality of AIRE registration are NOT permitted.

Requests submitted for reasons other than those listed above (typically following the purchase of a house or property in Italy in a Municipality other than that of current AIRE registration) do not satisfy the current requirements and will be not accepted by the Municipality.

Those who meet the legal requirements must forward to the Consulate General of Italy in Jerusalemthe appropriate form, explaining the reasons for the request of the change, attaching an identity document with the signature of the applicant.

The Municipality in Italy will confirm by letter the change of AIRE.

Penalties for not registering with the A.I.R.E.:

Citizens interested in registering with the A.I.R.E. must submit their request to the competent consular office no later than 90 days following their change of residence. This results in the immediate cancellation from the Register of the Resident Population (Anagrafe della Popolazione Residente, A.P.R.) of the Municipality of origin. Those who, having registration obligations, breach the provisions of Law no. 1228 of 24 December 1954, Law no. 470 of 27 October 1988, and the regulations implementing the aforementioned laws are subject to administrative fines, as provided by Law no. 213 of 30 December 2023. The competent authority for ascertaining and imposing the penalty is the Municipality in whose registry the offender is registered.

The procedure for ascertaining and imposing penalties is governed by Law no. 689 of 24 November 1981, Article 1, according to which “No one may be subjected to administrative penalties except by virtue of a law that came into force before the violation was committed”.