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Current Emergency: useful information and procedures


The security situation in Jerusalem and in the Palestinian Territories remains extremely unstable. Therefore, Italian citizens are advised to postpone their travel plans of are not strictly necessary. For information and updates on the situation, it is recommended to check the website:

In case of emergency, the Consulate General in Jerusalem is always available at the emergency number: 00972 (0) 505 327166.

All Italian citizens present in Jerusalem and West Bank are advised to register their presence in the website “Dove siamo nel Mondo” ( and to download the Crisis Unit APP (, activating the geo-localisation.

As of today,  few airlines (El Al and Israir, among the few) are operating commercial flights to and from Tel Aviv.

Our citizens are advised to check the opening hours of the border land crossing points with Jordan with the local authorities.


Procedures and provisions in case of alarm

Any risk of missile attack shall be reported through the activation of a warning siren system. In this case, follow the instructions below:

  • if you are inside a building, reach the security room;
  • if you are outdoors, enter the nearest building or, if it is not possible, lie down on the ground covering your head with your hands;
  • if you are driving, stop the vehicle on the side of the road and enter the nearest building/shelter or lie down on the ground covering your head with your hands.

You will be able to leave the refuge or resume driving your vehicle 10 minutes after the alarm has ceased, unless otherwise indicated.