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The children of Italian citizens, even if born abroad and possibly in possession of another citizenship, are Italian citizens.
Their birth must therefore be transcribed in Italy.
To request the transcription of a birth, the Italian Parent, if resident in Jerusalem or in Palestine must contact the Consulate General of Italy in Jerusalem, equipped with the following documents:

a) birth certificate (in original or certified true copy) issued by the Civil Status Office of the foreign country, duly legalized and translated (see section Translation and Legalization of documents);
b) Italian Passport proving the Italian citizenship of at least one of the parents (if not registered in the consular register)
c) ID document of the child, if any, such Israeli Passport or ID Card or Palestinian Passport or ID Card.
d) Form to request the registration of the birth, available here

Alternatively, the Italian parent may submit the deed, duly legalized and translated, directly to the Italian Municipality of belonging (see art. 12, paragraph 11, Presidential Decree 396/2000).

For more detailed information about translation and legalization of Israelian and Palestinian documents, please click here.