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Notice to Italian Citizens

  • With Law no. 76 of 20 May 2016 "Regulation of civil unions between same-sex and discipline of the common-law marriage" was introduced in the Italian legislation the possibility for same-sex couples to form a civil union. Consular offices are available, from now on, in order to pursue the constitution demands for civil unions between persons of the same sex, with at least one in the possession of the Italian citizenship. We also inform that the Italian citizen, who has contract abroad, according to local law, marriage or civil union, even before the entry into force of Law 76/2016, is obliged to submit to the competent consular office of residence for the related act, the purpose of the transcription in Italy in the provisional register of civil unions. For more information, please contact the Consular Office at
  • Self-Certification Affidavit of the status for an immigrant to urgent health care purposes in Italy.
  • New Online procedure for application for citizenship by marriage*
  • IMPORTANT NOTICE – Starting 8 July 2014: As of 8 July 2014, the handling of the practice of granting citizenship jure sanguinis (by descent) and matrimonii jure (in case of foreign married to an Italian citizen before 27.4.1983 ) filed by an adult, is subject to payment of € 300 (Article 5-bis of the decree-law of 24 April 2014, n. 66, converted with amendments by law 23 June 2014, n. 89, published in official journal no. 143 of 23.06.2014). Payment is made only in local currency to the quarterly change, payable to the Consulate at the time of submission of the application (see attachment), independently of the outcome of the practice.
  • This is to inform Italian nationals that the law sets out a new model of "accompanying Declaration" of minors less than fourteen who travel unaccompanied by a parent or his guardian. The main change introduced is the possibility that the expression relating the accompaniment is printed on the passport of the child or is released on a special certificate. The authorities which should be addressed "accompanying Declaration" are normally those in whose district the applicant resides or consular representation abroad. The Declaration should be signed in the presence of an officer or even sent in electronic format accompanied by a photocopy of an identification document of applicants, to verify the correspondence of the signature. please note that the signature of the parent or guardian who is a non-European citizen not residing in Italy should instead be authenticated.
  • The new EU rules require that, as of June 26, 2012, every child has to have individual travel document. In order to avoid cases of rejections at the border, interested households are pleased to present as soon as possible at the Passport Office of the Consulate General.
  • To ensure maximum efficiency of the Consular Offices and to ensure timely information in case of necessity, we will be grateful to all Italian citizens residing in the jurisdiction of the Consulate General of Italy in Jerusalem if they want to submit their email address at the following address :, indicating the mobile phone number. The e-mail addresses, as well as the phone number, will be used exclusively by the Consulate General of Italy in Jerusalem, in compliance with regulations on the processing of personal data and for exclusively office use.
  • 27/03/2012 - To all the Italian citizens residing in the consular jurisdiction of the Consulate General of Italy in Jerusalem or who travel to Jerusalem or the Palestinian Territories, it is advised to register at emergency unit site of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 


  • Scholarships offered by the Italian government to foreign and Italian citizens residing abroad for the 2016/2017 academic year. For more information visit the page: "Opportunity to study in Italy."
  • As of July 19, 2013 citizens of third countries who wish to reside in the territory of Member States (for stays of no more than 90 days over a period of 180 days) must be in possession of a travel document that has the validity of at least three months after the intended date of departure from the territory of Member States and that it is not older than 10 years. This arrangement applies in particular to foreign nationals exempt from visa requirements, while nothing innovates to nationals of third countries that must be in possession of visas when crossing the external borders.