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Welcome message


Welcome message

Message from the Consul General

As I take up my duties, I wish to warmly greet all the visitors of this website, who are as such close to the Consulate General which I will be honoured to lead in the next few years. I wish to address you by this means as I am conscious that the exceptional health crisis still underway will not allow, at least for the time being, to meet all those to whom I would be happy to relate to gather ideas, suggestions and experiences on the challenges that I will face. I hope to do it, as soon as possible, with the utmost humbleness and complete readiness to listen.

Everything is much more difficult in such unprecedented circumstances affecting the whole world: it was very challenging for me even just reaching Jerusalem from Beijing, where I have served until the end of March, dealing with the Covid-19 outbreak from its outset until its almost total eradication. Indeed, my own experience leads me to trust that all the people hit by the pandemic will overcome this difficult juncture and possibly draw from it a renewed aptitude of cooperation and solidarity, also in this complex region.

Despite the restrictions imposed by the current emergency, the Consulate General keeps providing, as much effectively as possible, regular services to the Italian community in Jerusalem, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, as well as promoting activities led by Italian institutions, local governments and civil-society organizations. We will do so also through this website and social media to spread information and updates, in a spirit of sharing and involvement.

I am aware that the Italian community I will be honoured to serve is particularly diverse: from the Jewish to the Palestinian one, from nationals active in the development cooperation in favour of the Palestinian population to those involved in international Organizations and missions, to the religious community, which for centuries has been assuring its crucial presence in the Holy Land. The doors of the Consulate General will be open to all, to gather, with passion, all the formidable energies featuring our community.

As you all know, the Consulate General is also responsible for the relations with the Palestinian authorities. I will continue to boost all their key components, following the path so effectively traced by my predecessors: political relations, dialogue between civil society organizations, economic exchanges, development cooperation, partnerships between local governments, cultural institutions and universities. All these activities will contribute to strengthening Palestinian institutions, in the framework of the staunch support that Italy and the European Union ensure to the Peace Process and to the two-State solution.

While hoping to meet you soon, I renew my warmest regards. The success of my mandate will hinge on you all.

Giuseppe Fedele