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TRAVELOGUE 1927 - Photographs by Luciano Morpurgo


TRAVELOGUE 1927 - Photographs by Luciano Morpurgo

Jerusalem, February 2018 - The photographs exhibited at this Consulate are a generous donation of the Central Institute of Catalogue and Documentation of the Italian Ministry of Cultural Activity. They are part of the “Travelogue 1927- Photographs by Luciano Morpurgo in Mandatory Palestine” collection (made up of more than 200 photos), which was in the past years the subject of several exhibitions in Rome and Jerusalem.

When in the spring of 1927, together with the geographer Alberto Almagià, Morpurgo arrived in the Mandatory Palestine he found a land whose varied humanity was trying to survive difficult social, economic and environmental conditions.

Morpurgo’s photographs are both objective and subjective visions of such a complex and harsh reality: his attention, often from an ethnographic point of view, is divided between images that show the life of the local populations and images that demonstrate the cohabitation between the different communities.

Beyond any artistic consideration, the photographs exhibited have a considerable significance for their historical and cultural value related to the Holy Land. Morpurgo’s photographs portray a region which is “testimony of a period of reciprocal and tolerant coexistence”, and focus on the hopes, tensions and contradictions resulting from the closeness of people so different from each other. The human component (Christians, Jews and Muslims) existing in Palestine in 1920s, documented by Morpurgo in a straightforward and immediate way, reflects the objective of rediscover the common roots of the three monotheistic religions and projects a hope for peace in the future.

The complete catalogue of Morpurgo’s work is available for the public upon request.