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Studiare in Italia


Studiare in Italia





Types of Enrolment in the Italian Universities:

  • Direct Enrolment: European citizens and those wishing to attend private universities shall enrol autonomously and check directly with the university’s secretariat the documents needed to enrol, which usually consist of the statement of equal value (dichiarazione di valore) issued by the Consular Office.
  • Pre-Enrolment: non-European citizens shall pre-enrol directly through the Italian Embassy or Consulate of the place of residence.


To schedule an appointment, please write to:

Students shall apply in person and sign that same day the form in the presence of our staff.

Information on procedures, calendars and forms to enrol in the Italian Universities can be found on  and  .

In order to pre-enrol, students shall submit – exclusively by appointment - at the Italian Consulate General in Jerusalem the following:

- pre-enrolment form (Form A), duly filled in two copies

- 2 recent passport-size photographs on white background

- valid passport

- identity document

- Bagrut Melea with Apostille by the Israeli Minister of Foreign Affairs, translated into Italian – Injaz/Tawjihi legalized by the Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, translated into Italian. See (list of translators) .

- Psychometric Test result, in the original, in English or in Hebrew translated into Italian

- letter of suitability to enrol, if available

- 2 photocopies of each submitted document.

Declaration of Value

Through the Declaration of Value, the Consular Office states the validity of the foreign educational qualification in the local legal framework. The Declaration of Value doesn’t declare the equivalence to Italian qualifications, which is for the competent Italian Authorities (Ministry of Education, Universities, etc.) to state.

In order to request the Declaration of Value for Israeli or Palestinian degrees, students shall submit the following:

  • diploma, in the original, with Apostille by the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs or Legalization by the Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • translation into Italian by an official translator:
    • for translations from Hebrew into Italian:
      • the Consulate General only accepts translations legally recognized in the Jerusalem District. According to the local legal framework, translators must be lawyers and notaries, practising at local Courts or registered to their professional associations
    • for translations from Arabic into Italian:
      • the Consulate General only accepts translations legally recognized in Palestine. According to the relevant legal framework, translators must be registered in the Registry of Translators kept by the Ministry of Justice. For a list of official translators, please refer to the said Ministry, tel. 02-242 5040
    • for university degrees only: university exam transcript.

Applicants who have completed their higher education abroad or in accordance with foreign regulations shall request the declaration of value at the competent Italian Consulate and produce it at the appointment. Without the declaration of value, the student may request to be admitted on a provisional basis.

Provisional admission: without a diploma, students may request to be admitted on a provisional basis. Students unable to produce a diploma within the deadline, may not be accepted by universities. For the relevant deadline, please ask the university concerned.

Registration for admission tests: to register for admission tests to master’s degrees in medicine and surgery, medicine and surgery in English where available, dentistry and orthodontics, veterinary medicine and architecture, please visit  . Students shall register online regardless of the pre-enrolment procedure at the Consular Office, which shall be initiated within the relevant deadlines.

Change of choice: student may change their chosen university within the pre-enrolment deadline. To this end, students shall send an e-mail to  and wait for the approval.

For information on student visas, click here.


Some Italian Universities have facilitation for Students who are already in Italy, such as reduction on cost of university fees, meal
vouchers, rent contribution etc..

To benefit of these facilitations upon request of the University students must provide proof of their family income in Israel or in Palestine

a) Israeli Students must submit

  • Certificate of Family Status (tamsit richoum)
  • Tax return (Tofes 106) of the family in Israel for the Academic Year of reference
  • Arnona receipts

To be used in Italy all Israeli documents must be translated and translated according the instructions you can find here

b) Palestinian Students must submit

  • Certificate of ownership of immovable property from Palestinian Land Authority
  • Certificate of Family composition from the Palestinian Ministry of Interior
  • Certificate of membership in the Chamber of Commerce (for businessmen) / pay slips for the last 6 months (for employees)
  • Bank statement for the past 6 months :

           1) For businessmen: statement of personal and business account

            2) For employees: personal bank account

To be used in Italy all Palestininan documents must be legalized and translated according the instructions you can find here